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cartoon network Cartoon Network Portugal presentation
Client: Cartoon Network
Interactive installations. Jumping and shouting
Jardines de Belem, Lisboa

cartoon network
cartoon network
cn portugal
cn portugal

Motion, light and sound - Kinect & madlight

Interactive installation: Light and sound react to movement
video [Watch video - 1 min]

Light turntable

Interactive vinyl - light and sound
video [Watch video - 1 min 30 seg]
logo noche blanca Carbayón
Client: Panci Calvo
Visual installation. Videoproyection on tullel
Noche Blanca Oviedo
cartoon network The Amazing world of Gumball
Client: Cartoon Network
Stand design and interacive installation

Vuelta al cole - Digital +
logo tnt Falling Skies
Client: Canal TNT
Stand design and interactive game: Alien survivor test

Feria de muestras de Gijón
falling skies
falling skies   falling skies
logo tnt TNT channel
Client: TNT channel
Stand design and iPad game
Feria de Muestras - Telecable
cartoon network
Holographic acuarium
Client:Render area
Holographic installation

video [Watch video - 45 seg]
cartoon network
ben 10 Ben 10 Alien Secrets.
Client: Cartoon Network
Face tracking augmented reality installation
El Corte Inglés. Travelling event
cartoon network
Programming: Miguel Espada de Espada y Santacruz estudio
tnt Premiere serie V
Client: TNT channel
Interactive installation Visitors control scanner. Depth scanner with synchronized light and audio that identifies each participant as "visitor" or "human"
Cine Kinepolis Madrid
tnt   tnt
Programación: Miguel Espada de Espada y Santacruz estudio
Audio: Serch
cartoon network Ben 10 Final Battle - augmented reality
Client: Cartoon Network
Augmented reality installation for Ben 10 Final Battle premiere
Premieres en Cine Kinépolis y Plaza de Callao, Madrid
Festival de Series, Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid
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cartoon network
ben 10   ben 10
arena media Scented vídeomapping controlled from iPad
Clients: Arena media and La agencia sensorial
Video mapping syncronized with scents and controlled from iPad
Innoweek, Madrid
falling skies
tcm TCM channel
Client: TCM channel
Stand and game design
Feria de Muestras de Gijón
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cartoon network
ppgz   stage
vincci Vincci Hoteles-christmas shop window
Client: Bis a Bis
Vídeo mapping for christmas shop window.
Hotel Vincci SoMa. Madrid
video [Watch video - 30 seg.]
Music: Freeloops
vincci   vincci
avanza Plan Avanza- Ministerio de Industria
Client: Belowgroup
Environmental media and informative videos
Travelling event

video [Watch video demo - 1min]
Music: Serch
movimiento avanza
movimiento avanza1 movimiento avanza 2
skunkfunk WannaDance?
Client: Skunkfunk
Interactive installation
With Alberto García Sáenz
video [Ver video demo]

WannaDance? is an interactive installation.
With your voice you make the dancer move. The more you insist, the more wildly he will dance. If you stop cheering him up, he will decide to stay still again.

taik The viewers
Instalación interactiva
Taik-Universidad de Arte y diseño
. Helsinki
the viewers   The viewers, is an interactive installation consisting on video projections of some spectators looking at the space inside a gallery. As soon as the "real" public comes inside the gallery room , the "virtual" spectator runs away and keeps checking if there is anybody there. When the room is empty again, they come back.