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What is a Visualophone?
This is the tool (software) that we have designed for our live video sessions. It enables us to modify each individual parameter such as size, position, colour and intensity of the images in real time, irrespective of whether they are objects, characters or backgrounds. It enables us to project several elements onto a surface and generate the interactions required by the script, activity on stage, or the public; it also suggests the rhythm of the music.

The diverse visual elements that accompany the onlooker intermingle, interact, appear and disappear, grow and mutate, opening up considerable room for manoeuvre and allowing us to narrate what interests us in the most effective way. The new feature continuously acquired by each element is inherent to a language that is constantly adapting to the storyline in which we immerse ourselves to intensify the basic message of the work or session.
What are its special features?
The Visualophone enables us to extend the range of live video possibilities by incorporating features from other media and then adapt them to create our own format. When developing the tool, we took into consideration the minimum and maximum elements of our language in relation to the following questions: how a set design is organised in the theatre, the peculiarities of the different mise en scène in the cinema and advertising, and the resources used in animation.

This allows performers to configure the properties of the graphic elements (object-character) depending on the storyline, ideas and feelings they wish to transmit as an immediate response to stimuli from their surroundings.
How it works ?
The Visualophone means that several parameters can be modified individually and in real time for each element filmed.  Accordingly, we can juggle the size, position, intensity, lighting and colour of each object.

Playing around with these parameters—size, position, lighting and colour—enables us to endow each object-character with expression.  This expression increases and changes over time and allows us to transmit different feelings according to the requirements of each session. The semantic value of the object is constantly modified by its situation in the shot, its position in relation to other elements, the intensity of the light that it receives and so on, in order to satisfy the different functions required by the piece, work or session. This enhances the communication of the conceptual development witnessed by the onlooker.

We can light up a scene fully or partially, draw near or away from each element, or move them at will around the filming area. We can also switch the function of each element: at a given moment, an object of decoration can become a leading character or vice versa.