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v magazine   Live cinema
By Abraham San Pedro

For those tired of commercial cinema and 3D fever, a new creative trend that offers instant art in cinema format. A whole visual and conceptual gold mine to discover and enjoy.
biennale   Dance etude, for real time video, live mandolin and virtual strings
The Electric Body campus.
Coproduction La Biennale di Venezia with Enparts
Christopher Trapani and Things Happen

The aim of this project, is to explore the possibilities of data interaction between live video and live electronics. Certain parameters of the video are mapped onto sounds, while sound data also controls the visual dimensions, both ways through a Midi network. Inspired by the mandolin, which triggers the electronics, the sounds are entirely synthesized, including physical models of strings (using the softwareModalys developed in Paris at IRCAM), which can be be plucked, strummed, detuned, or stretched in real time (using a patch in Max/MSP). The live video (controlled with Modul8) involves several elements which are projected simultaneously and can be manipulated and composed in real time in many different ways.
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  Avenue Illustrated n17
Leyre Moreno and Things Happen

Long live cinema
A story translated into images that can be altered and transformed in real time in accordance with the spectator's needs. This is the Live cinema essence, an artistic current still in developing process that has revolutionize the image empire in which we are living.Thanks to this new trend, the public, has abandoned it's passive attitude to become an an integral part of the story, stating a new way of communicative discourse.
  a minima nº 22 - Special live cinema
Curated by Mia Makela, SOLU

If we talk about Live Cinema, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is something completely new for most people. And it isn’t because live video editing or audiovisual show formats similar to what we know as live cinema haven’t been used. It’s because this medium is gradually gaining in autonomy.  And it is slowly growing in importance thanks to improvements to the broadcast channels of this hybrid medium, the scion of all the disciplines that encompass contemporary artistic practices.  But the most important outcome of the above is the gradual emergence of a public that assists and creates in equal measure.
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  Experimentaclub 05, 06 y 08 Festival internacional de música experimental
La casa encendida. Madrid, Octubre 2005, Octubre 2006, Octubre 2008

Things Happen is a group working working in the area of new visual performance structures in real time.on work in their sessions. They work by starting from a previous detailed process of guideline and images design, creating a visual story that grows and develops during their performances. With the assistance of a visualophone, images seem alive interpreting a dance in which characters, objects, decoration and other visual elements follow each other in accordance with a guideline, developing the session in continuous dialogue with the sound.