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What is Things Happen?
Things Happen is a live video studio. that we apply to events, performing arts, concerts, shows, DJ sessions and live cinema, and ephemeral decoration, for example, by developing proposals that plunge the onlooker into a unique experience.

We create totally original, customised material for each project adapted to the needs of each event and to the areas where they take place.

As communication experts with extensive experience in the visual media, we provide effective solutions, involving the latest trends in aesthetics and technology for the very best results; and constantly research other possibilities to broaden the horizons of live video and apply it to a growing number of fields.
Why live video?

Live video is a new adaptable, effective and surprising media that makes it possible to decorate and give atmosphere to any kind of space depending on the specific needs of each production.

It is a step forward in product and ideas presentation. A completely fexible system that responds dinamically to the environment ensuring a high capacity for communication adapted to each area and situation.

In a theatre play, it is just another actor; in a ballet, a dancer interpreting a piece of choreography. It’s another note in a concert or an extra beat in a DJ session. Live video is the perfect tool for rapidly devising a party theme, for harmonising live elements on stage or for generating changing atmospheres. It evolves an expressive metalanguage that is both unique and enriching, leading to an enhanced conception of the piece. It is an attractive new vehicle for communicating with the onlooker.

How we apply our work
Live video is a highly flexible medium that allows for immediate live communication with the observer and responds to the features of any location.
Performing arts

Endless possibilities for set design.  Live video considerably facilitates mounting performances because it can rapidly be adapted to any kind of stage and to how the piece evolves.

We can construct or dismantle a set in a matter of seconds, make various transitions between sets or generate an immediate response to what is happening on stage. Just like another actor, filming can play a part in the work, by interacting with the actors, dancers or performers, as well as with the public and the location..
Music (Concerts, bands, DJ sessions)
In our work, image is not just synchronous to music—there is a two-way dialogue and interaction.

We generate the visuals, so they don’t just adapt to the beat of the music; they add to the sung text, highlight a specific musical phrase or take on the function of a visual choir that adds to and completes the meaning of the live experience.
Interior Design and Window Dressing
One space can be used to provide different settings, depending on the time of day or people’s activities, quickly catching the attention of the public and channelling it to aspects or elements that we want to highlight.

The possibilities are endless as no complicated physical elements are required. We can immediately modify measurements, colours or messages, and create impossible designs or decorations.
Shows and Exhibitions / Points of Sale

We generate interactive environments that vary according to the movements of the occasional onlooker, attracting their attention.  The sales message intertwines with a complete experience, consolidating the brand concept of the product being promoted.
What our work entails

Bearing in mind the content of the project we are working on, we develop a piece through a series of scenes constructed from choreographed images: we create a visual account that grows and develops live.

The original graphic material that we work with—always based on the concept that sustains or guides the overall project—responds to the specific environment (architecture, public) in real time by complementing it and adding greater detail. 

Thanks to our Visualophone, regardless of whether it is an object, a background or a character, each element is independent of the rest, which means that possibilities for interaction (between elements or with the surroundings) are endless. As we don’t use video loops, we continuously construct the actions of each element and the settings where they take place.

We hint at a filming space that has no limits. We transport the onlooker to an infinite space where elements float over one or several surfaces (floor, wall or ceiling).

Who we are
Things Happen is a working group, who collaborate on each project with professionals from different media to imprint their personal understanding of live video on any discipline imaginable.

A common interest in image, communication, art, new forms of entertainment and events, and the application of new technologies was the starting point for researching this medium and the underlying principle that drives each project.